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IWG - Ilmenauer Wohnungs- und Gebäudegesellschaft mbH

For prospective tenants

What do I have to do if I want to apply for a flat with IWG mbH?

We are pleased that you are interested in a flat from our portfolio. In order to add you to our list of interested parties, we ask you to fill out our flat application form completely.


Is a deposit required for the flat?

As of 01.01.2022, a rent deposit of three net cold rents is required at the beginning of the tenancy. However, this can also be paid in three equal instalments or settled by a bank guarantee.

To what extent are pets allowed?

In principle, small animals are allowed in rented flats. If you are planning to get a dog or a cat or if you are already the owner of such an animal, we have to approve it first. This is also the case for exotic animals such as snakes or similar. It is checked on a case-by-case basis whether the flat is suitable for these requirements and whether the keeping of animals can be approved.

What other costs do I have to pay apart from the basic rent? How are operating costs calculated?

In addition to the basic rent and any surcharges, you make a monthly advance payment for operating costs. This is adjusted once a year based on the results of the operating costs statement.

For Tenants

Where can I get a landlord certificate / rent debt-free certificate?

Our staff will be happy to issue you with a landlord certificate during our office hours. If you are not able to come in person, you can alternatively send an e-mail with your request to info@iwg-ilmenau.de .

How do I find out whether I am entitled to housing benefit and how much?

After submitting your application to the appropriate housing allowance office, it will be checked, for example, the number of household members to be taken into account, the rent of the living space and the total income of the household members to be considered. You are welcome to use the housing allowance calculator or the housing allowance tables of the Federal Ministry in advance:


For once I cannot pay the rent on time, what can I do?

Please come to our office in the rent accounting department during office hours or contact us by telephone and explain your situation. The staff member in charge will work with you to find a solution. It is not grounds for termination if a tenant remits his rent late once.

How do I report damage in my flat to IWG mbH?

Damage to your flat or house can be reported to us by telephone, in person during our office hours or via our repair acceptance form.

To the form...

May I make structural changes (laminate, put up signs, change the structure of the room)?

All structural changes are subject to approval according to the tenancy agreement. Please feel free to discuss your plans with us during our office hours so that we can work together to implement your plans.

May I install a satellite dish on my balcony or at the building?

The installation of a satellite dish is a structural change to the rented property which, according to the tenancy agreement, generally requires approval.

May I place objects in the stairwell?

For fire safety reasons, placing objects in the stairwell (shoes, furniture or plants) is not permitted.

When are the quiet periods?

Our quiet periods are to be observed from 1 pm to 3 pm and from 8 pm to 7 am. You can find more information about the house rules in our downloads.


I need a copy of my tenancy agreement. How do I get it?

Please feel free to contact us during our office hours (Tuesday 1pm – 6 pm; Thursday 9 am to noon, 1 pm to 3 pm). You can find the service catalogue as a download.


May I sublet the flat?

Subletting is generally subject to approval according to your tenancy agreement. Whether subletting a flat can be permitted must be decided on a case-by-case basis. Please come to our office during our office hours and report to the department Vermietung.

My bank details have changed. What do I have to do?

Please come to our office during our office hours, send us an email to info@iwg-ilmenau.de or inform us of your new bank details by post.

I would like my rent to be debited from my account every month. Who do I need to contact?

You are welcome to fill out a form for SEPA direct debit during our office hours in the rent accounting department or download it from the following link and then send it to the IWG Abt. Mietenbuchhaltung (rent accounting department).


My neighbor does not observe the house rules, what can I do?

If not everyone abides by the house rules, conflicts can arise. However, they can usually be solved again.

If you notice severe disturbances of the peace, we ask you to document them (noise log) so that we can contact the concerned rental unit on this basis.

For other violations, please come to our office during our office hours or contact the leasing department by telephone and explain your concerns. The staff there will work with you to find a solution to restore domestic peace.

How do I separate my household waste?

You can find information in our downloads under »Die richtige Mülltrennung« (The correct waste separation).


Tenancy Agreement / Termination of a Tenancy

What deadlines must be observed for notice of termination?

As specified in your tenancy agreement, the statutory notice period of three months applies to us.

Can I also send my notice of termination by e-mail?

No, the notice of termination must be in writing. This means that a signature is required.

Can notice periods be circumvented if there is a new tenant?

We would like to ask you not to look for new tenants for your flat on your own.

A relative dies or is admitted to a nursing home. How do I deal with his flat?

Please report to our office during our office hours.

If you are unable to attend in person, you can alternatively send an e-mail with your concerns to info@iwg-ilmenau.de  or contact us by telephone on 03677 88550.

Our staff will then work with you to find a solution as quickly as possible.